Academic Resources

Our primary goal in the Learning Commons is to assist students in achieving academic success.Therefore, various on-campus resources are provided to support a student's academic goals, needs and concerns.

The Learning Commons

Located on the ground floor of the Olivia Swann-Porter Building, the Learning Commons is the one stop shop for academic resources. It consists of the Writing Center, the Academic Center and the Office of Student Disability Services.

The Writing Center is available to all students who would like help improving their writing skills in general or enhancing a piece of writing in particular

The Academic Center consists of multiple study lounge zones, a conference room, a smart board projector and meeting space, and ten computers for student use.

The Tutoring Program offers free peer tutoring for all academic courses in a one on one session or in group peer assisted study sessions.

The Office of Student Disability Resources is committed to supporting students with disabilities in their academic, social, and emotional success. Reasonable accommodations can be made for students who self-identify and who register with the coordinator. The Assistant Dean of Academic Resources offers counseling for academic issues and serves as the Coordinator of Disability Services.


Christy Henry: Assistant Dean of Academic Resources Assistant Dean of Academic Resources
The Assistant Dean of Academic Resources oversees and promotes the programs and operations of The Learning Commons. She designs and implements programs to meet the needs of first year students and serves as the College Student Disability Coordinator. She also chairs the Student  Support Team. Contact Christy Henry at or (478) 757-5219.