Preparing for Graduate School

 Wesleyan's graduate school admittance rate is exemplary! So, if you're a Wesleyan student and you intend to pursue graduate school, we're committed to helping you get there. Current students find these graduate school preparation services valuable: 

Annual Convocations include: 
Preparing for Graduate School: An Alumnae Panel Discussion 
Strategies for Graduate School Success (presented by Kaplan) 

Career and Personality Assessments 
All first-year students take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to increase understanding and utilization of personality/preferences with regards to post-graduate pursuits (i.e., graduate school, work). Wesleyan students also value the web-based tool FOCUS, a self-guided online career interest inventory designed to help students choose career paths. 

Individual Student Advising 
Wesleyan's highly-accessible faculty is an incredible resource for students. Our 10:1 student to faculty ratio ensures that every student has plenty of individual advice and attention. Faculty advisors help students determine whether or not graduate school is right for them. Students have plenty of assistance with application packets (CV, resume, and cover-letter construction), plus mock interviews help students prepare for the application process. 

Written Resources 
The Career Library in Huckabee Student Affairs Office houses a variety of written materials to help students with graduate school preparation. Some example resources include: Graduate School Exam information pamphlets; The Graduate School Guide; books about grad school/law school/medical school successful application and completion.