Disability Resources

Wesleyan College is committed to equal education and full participation for all students. Disability Resources, located within the Academic Center on the ground floor of the Olive Swann Porter Building, is committed to supporting students with disabilities. The Assistant Dean of Academic Resources serves as the Coordinator of Disability Resources and oversees the implementation of disability related programs and services.

If a student with a disability wishes to receive an accommodation, it is the responsibility of the student to inform the Coordinator of Disability Resources and request an accommodation by completing the Disability Services Request Form. The student must provide current documentation from a qualified licensed professional as soon as possible prior to when accommodations are desired. The documentation should include the specific diagnosis attributing to the disability, how the diagnosis was determined, and effects the disability will have on the student's collegiate life. Students may request a Wesleyan College Disability Services Verification Form on which a licensed professional can provide this information.

If the submitted documentation meets the requirements, the Coordinator of Disability Resources will approve reasonable accommodations and notify the student of this approval. If the documentation does not meet the requirements, the Coordinator of Disability Resources will inform the student that additional information or contact with the medical professional is required. Once approval of the accommodation request has been obtained from the Coordinator of Disability Resources, the student is expected to identify herself and present the documentation provided by Disability Resources to the appropriate staff or faculty member as soon as possible. The student is then expected to meet with the appropriate staff or faculty member to determine how accommodations will be administered.  The student will then return the paperwork to Disability Resources in order to finalize the accommodations.

Accommodations that decrease the integrity of a course or program or cause an undue burden will not be approved. Accommodations will not be granted retro-actively. Accommodations will be determined on an individual basis according to specific student needs. To continue to be considered for academic accommodations, a student must request services each semester. Other accommodation requests must be made annually.

Any individual who feels that she has been denied reasonable accommodations, access, or been discriminated against on the basis of a disability, should file a complaint using the College's Student Complaint Process which can be found in the Wesleyanne: Student Handbook.

For questions or more information please contact Christy Henry, assistant dean of academic resources at chenry@wesleyancollege.edu or (478) 757-5219.

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