Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) allows students, faculty, and staff to access items available in libraries nationwide. Interlibrary loan requests are limited to fifteen books and turn around time for interlibrary loan requests is at least two weeks. Once an item has been received in the Library, the requester will be notified. To check on the status of an ILL item, contact Rhiannon Bruner (757-5274).

Before submitting requests, please be sure to check that the needed items are not available locally.

Search Lucy: The Online Catalog

Wesleyan students enjoy reciprocal borrowing services with Jack Tarver Library at Mercer University and with Macon State College Library.The agreement allows limited borrowing privileges for Wesleyan students who show an ID and a class schedule. Please note that WE DO NOT ACCEPT INTERLIBRARY LOAN REQUESTS FOR ITEMS HELD BY THESE LIBRARIES. THIS INCLUDES BOOKS AND JOURNAL ARTICLES. Use the links below to see if a reciprocal library owns the item you need.

Macon State College Library Catalog
Jack Tarver Library Catalog, Mercer University

If you are unable to locate the item you need locally or at one of the reciprocal libraries, use the links below to access online article and book request forms.

Book Request Form

Article Request Form