1. A completed application must be submitted to the Office of the Director of Graduate Business.  Apply Online
  2. Each student must provide a resume as documentation of his or her professional work experience.
  3. An applicant must have either a bachelor's degree or a professional degree from a United States college/university or foreign college/university.
  4. An applicant from a foreign country must have a minimum TOEFL score of 80.
  5. Two letters of recommendation. An employed student must submit an employer recommendation form. Self-employed students, please submit a recommendation form from a business partner or client.
  6. An interview with the potential student will be conducted by the Director of Graduate Business Program or by the Director's representative as early in the process as possible.
  7. Final notice to the students regarding their admissions will come from the Director of the Graduate Business Program.
For More Information. A cohort begins each Fall and Spring. Please contact the EMBA Program Coordinator, Stacie Barrett, at (478) 757-5225 or toll free (888) 665-4050.