Center for Educational Renewal

The Wesleyan Center for Educational Renewal is committed to innovations in educational theory and practice that are "life-wide." That is to say, they address teaching and learning that have the potential to make us more truly human.  Patrick Pritchard, Director

Some past projects of the Wesleyan CER

  • Implementing and executing an early childhood Georgia TAPP (Teacher Alternative Preparation Program) effort that for several years prepared non education majors for careers in teaching. Many of these students went on to earn an MA in Early Childhood Education from Wesleyan.
  • Developing a program whereby working classroom paraprofessionals received scholarships to earn their BA in Early Childhood Education from Wesleyan while continuing to work as parapros in local elementary schools.¬†

Current CER projects include
  • Developing nature-smart courses, events and activities for Wesleyan students.
  • Sponsoring gatherings of nature-smart educators from around the SE United States.
  • Professional development with local educators.
  • Working with a local private school for learning disabled children to develop a nature-smart curriculum.
  • Bringing unconventional education speakers to Wesleyan College.
  • Managing a Facebook page.¬†

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