Center for Creative and Performing Arts

Wesleyan has a rich heritage of excellence in the arts. The Center for Creative and Performing Arts serves Wesleyan and the Middle Georgia community with a variety of visual, performing, and literary arts experiences. Our students benefit from direct links between those experiences and their courses in art history, English, music, studio art, theater, and voice. We plan art exhibits, workshops, artist-in-residence programs, audition and portfolio reviews, and focused internships. This Center also is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the College’s considerable collection of art holdings. For more information about our fine arts programs please contact Lisa Sloben 478-757-5171 or email

Cultural Arts at Wesleyan College
As the setting for many free public performances and exhibitions each year, the Center is dedicated to the magic and delight of the arts with a variety of visual, musical and theatrical experiences from nationally recognized guest artists and scholars as well as student productions. More than 30 events are presented each year including art exhibitions, gallery talks, art history symposiums, musical concerts, recitals, master voice classes and creative theatrical performances The Center for Creative and Performing Arts serves Wesleyan College and the Central Georgia region as an exceptional educational and professional visual and performing arts center.

Adopt-a-Painting: The Conservation & Restoration Program
for Wesleyan’s Art Treasures

In 2002, Wesleyan established a program to conserve and restore our significant works of art. Our aim is to preserve the aesthetic and monetary value of our permanent collection—a collection that has great use to students, scholars and art appreciators. Conservancy is the top priority including assessments, re-stretching and cleaning canvases, remounting canvases, treating works on paper, and restoring historic frames. Appreciators of art and friends of the college have contributed to the conservation of our collection by “adopting” a painting for restoration. Our expert conservators have examined 150 works of art and provided us with estimates depending on the extent of work involved in restoration. Some paintings suffer from large cracks and loss of paint due to age and environmental conditions, others simply need a cleaning.  

The Sisters 
by Frances Coates Jones (1857-1932) was adopted by the Wesleyan Class of 1960 and restored through the Adopt-a-Painting program. Many other paintings in need of “adoption” and those already restored are pictured on our website.

Masterworks on the Move:
A Traveling exhibition of American Paintings from Wesleyan College

Contents of this traveling exhibition include 35 paintings from the Wesleyan College Helena Ogden Eastman Campbell Collection of American Art. More information!

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