Mission Statement

Forever first for women’s education – striving for excellence, grounded in faith, and engaged in service to the world.

Founded in 1836 as the first college in the world for women, Wesleyan College offers an education that leads to lifelong intellectual, personal, and professional growth. Our academic community attracts those with a passion for learning and making a difference. The Wesleyan experience has four cornerstones:

Academics.  Wesleyan is committed to academic excellence in the liberal arts, the fine arts, and professional fields of study and to close relationships among faculty and students.

Women.  Wesleyan takes seriously its role as a pioneer in women’s education and seeks to provide scholarship, leadership, and service opportunities through which women will be challenged to accomplish ambitious goals.

Faith.  Wesleyan is proud of its long relationship with the United Methodist Church. We respect other traditions and remain committed to the Judeo-Christian ethic, believing that a firm grasp of enduring human values is basic to the Wesleyan way of learning, living, and service.

Community.  Wesleyan values each member of its community as an individual and in relationship to the whole. We work together in service to the larger community that surrounds us.

We believe that real education is a lifelong endeavor, fueled by curiosity, challenge, and discovery. Providing a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth, the Wesleyan experience is based upon these shared values that guide us daily:

  • Academic excellence and critical thinking, personal honesty, civility, and integrity
  • Pride in teaching, learning, and working together
  • Belief in the arts as integral to a fully realized life
  • Spirituality in the search for purpose and understanding
  • Responsible citizenship and ethical leadership in service to others
  • Respect for diversity among people, religions, and cultures as a powerful force for understanding, innovation, and social justice
  • Recognition of the impact of the individual and the strength of the team
  • Appreciation for our history and traditions
  • Laughter, humor, and joyful enthusiasm for life